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    ad of the Americas, and much earlier than previously known.Paleobotanists in Indiana University led by David Dilche▓r identified 57-milion-year-old leaf fossils▓ from eastern India as being from the morning gl▓ory family, which includes sweet potatoes and m▓an

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    y other plants.The research suggest▓ed the family originated in the late Paleocene epoch in the East Gondwana land mass that became part of Asia."I think this will change people's ideas," Dilcher ▓said. "It will be a data point that is pi▓cked up and used in othe


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r work where researchers are tryi▓ng to find the time of the evolution of major groups of flowering plants."Previou▓s fossil evidence had suggested the morni

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ng glory family may have originated in North America about 35 million years ago, but molecular analyses supported th▓e idea that it originated earlier and i

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n the Old World. The new research provides evi▓dence for that conclusion.The discovery also suggested the morning glory family and the ▓nightshade family -

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